Too busy!

I have four hats: my pharmacist/vaccinator “hat,” my blogger hat, my farmer hat (see the photo of my harvest from yesterday) and my landlady hat! I am so busy at the moment, as my tenants left the apartment so I have been doing that up before renting out again (see my first ever tiling work). I only manage a terraced house and a two bedroom flat, but it keeps me so busy, I can only imagine what it is like to have to maintain a Big House! So my blogger hat has taken a back seat for awhile, despite having managed to visit a few Section 482 properties since lockdown lifted. Here is a taster of what is to come, when I finally get the time to write my blogs…the beautiful gardens of Killineer House in County Louth, and the astounding upper gallery of Stradbally Hall in County Laois.

Stradbally Hall, County Laois.
Gardens at Killineer House, County Louth.
My abundant allotment harvest from 7th July 2021: broad beans, broccoli, red currants, strawberries, a courgette, rhubarb, Toscana de Nero kale, grand big beetroot, and not pictured, a few peas and about six lovely large onions!
I’ve been doing up the flat, and tried my hand at tiling! Here is the result. If you know anyone who’d like to rent a two bedroom flat in Donnybrook, send me a message! It’s on the pricey side at €2100 per month, but it has two double bedrooms (one with a king size bed, other has a regular double bed), a back patio that gets the sun, and a parking space.

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