a holiday treat

I haven’t written a blog entry this week, but have booked a little holiday for myself and Stephen next year, for a stay in a section 482 property. Wilton Castle, Enniscorthy, County Wexford.


It looks a real treat! Most of it seems to be a ruin – here is a picture from the National Inventory.

photograph from National Inventory of Architectural Heritage, https://www.buildingsofireland.ie/buildings-search/building/15702561/wilton-castle-originally-wilton-house-wilton-co-wexford

3 thoughts on “a holiday treat

  1. The Daniel Robertson active at Powerscourt in the mid-1840s was not from Kilkenny; he was American-born (ca. 1775) and active first in London with his brother Alexander, and William Adam junior; by the 1820s he had projects at Kew, and then at Oxford – bankruptcy dogged his career. He seems to have started projects in Ireland from around 1832 down to his death in 1849 (at Houth) when he was not quite finished at Lisnavagh.
    The story of the wheel-barrow comes from a single recollection about working at Powerscourt in 1843 written down in 1903 – that is, the man remembering the ride in the wheel-barrow of some seventy years before, was more than likely the passenger in the wheel-barrow rather than the architect


    1. Thanks Stephen! Terrible how one person suggesting a story, the story gets passed on as if true, i.e. the one abotu Roberston in the wheelbarrow. Thank you for your notes about being American born – I didn’t know that! Best wishes, Jennifer.


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