2022 Section 482 list published!

The new 2022 Section 482 list has been published! It only comes out near the end of February, despite having January and February listings every year. I have updated my home page with the new dates and opening times. http://www.irishhistorichouses.com

We have a few new properties listed this year, and a few have slipped off the list. We say goodbye to Salterbridge in County Waterford, and to a few that I did not have time to visit, such as Portnason in Donegal, the station house in Leitrim, Ballybur in Kilkenny and Rockfield Ecological Estate in Westmeath. It shows us that we must take the opportunity to visit when we can, or we may miss out.

We welcome beautiful accommodation in Ballyvolane House in County Cork, and another property in the city of Cork, Fenns Quay. Near Dublin, another garden, Corke Lodge Garden in Bray, has been added, and I am excited to see that Lambay Castle is now listed as a property for tourist accommodation. This means that it does not have to be open for the required sixty days, but it should be open during Heritage Week! Mark your calendars for Heritage week this year, August 13-21st.

In Mayo, accommodation in Owenmore has been added. In Wexford, we have Kilcarbry Mill Engine House in Enniscorthy to visit. In County Wicklow, Greenan More has been added. I have a busy year ahead!

At the end of 2021 I listed the various places we visited which are not Section 482 properties. I also compiled information about the Office of Public Works sites. I find that there is not a good single listing of Historic Houses open for visits. The ones that are open to the public are run by various heritage groups, councils, etc. Thus I will am compiling county by county lists. I am working on descriptions of places that may not be on the Section 482 listing but may sometimes open to the public. As I did for the Office of Public Works properties, I will publish these by Province, unless the entries get too large, in which case I will divide them by county.

Some big houses are now hotels or b&bs, and may be possible to visit, so I am including them on this list. This list is neither exhaustive nor necessarily up-to-date: check listing in advance to see if they are still open to the public. Other listings are sometimes open during the annual Open House, so I am adding them to the list although they may not be open to the public at all this year. I hope that the accommodation listings will be useful for you to plan your holidays!

Salterbridge, County Waterford, is no longer a Section 482 property.

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