“May traditionally kicks off the house-visiting season with many of Ireland’s great houses opening their doors from May 1st. More than 170 houses , gardens and buildings of interest welcome visitors for 60 days a year under the section 482 scheme that allows owners off set renovation and maintenance costs against income tax.” I am going to visit as many as possible!

I studied English and Philosophy in Trinity, and went on to a philosophy PhD programme in Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, where I obtained a Masters in Philosophy. I focused on Aesthetics and philosophy of psychology and philosophy of mind. I worked on a database for CIC Historic Campus Architecture in the United States for three years, and while pursuing my Masters I worked as a graduate student in Johns Hopkins University Press in the Journals section. I also studied pharmacy in Trinity and am a qualified pharmacist. I have published some creative writing in small journals but my writing and interest have turned to history. I maintain a facebook page related to this website, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1448658092000371

and my instagram is libertiesjen.

One thought on “About

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I‘m very interested in the architecture of the United Kingdom,
    especially in the architecture of Cathedrals, Abbeys and Churches.
    In the Blog of Lord Belmont in Northern Ireland I found a plan of
    Belfast Cathedral. So I ask you if it‘s possible to get this plan
    in higher resolution, only for private use.

    Thank you so much, if necessary also for forwarding it to the
    right address. All the best to you, stay healthy.

    Kind regards,

    Martin Skiebe


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