Happy new year!

Happy new year and best wishes for 2023 to all my readers!

As you may recall if you are a regular visitor, the updated Revenue Section 482 list for the year is not normally published until February. So if you are making some visits to properties in January I recommend using the 2022 list and contacting a property in advance to see if it is open.

I still have to write up many properties that I have visited – all properties from Heritage week onwards. I took a hiatus to work on my calendars for 2023. I am now working on a calendar that will publish the opening dates of all of the properties for 2023, which I will publish once the 2023 Revenue Section 482 list is published.

Each property opens on different dates, so planning routes around the country to visit when neighbouring properties are open takes some work! To help you to plan, I am listing for each date which properties are open on that date. I am listing properties by number, as it would take too much space to list every property open on every day, considering that there were 187 properties in 2022. To make it easier, I am colour-coding the properties by province, so that one can scan and see where neighbouring properties are open.

Each year I try to visit as many properties as possible, taking holidays for the most far-flung counties from Dublin, and during Heritage Week, going on a tour of as many properties as possible all over the country, as all the properties are open on those dates (unless they are listed as Accommodation, in which case, they do not have to be open during Heritage Week).

I will be publishing photographs of properties in the calendar, to create a book. Here is a sample of how the calendar will look:

I hope that some of my readers would like to purchase my calendars! It will give you a go-to hard copy for planning your visits to historic houses in Ireland, full of photographs of places to be discovered. (I will publish details as to how to order a copy, and the price, once the dates have been finalised).

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