New list published and 2023 Section 482 Calendar Order Form

I’m excited to report that the new Section 482 list has been published, for 2023. No new properties added, but a few have dropped off the list.

Order your calendar now to see at a glance which properties are open on what dates. The calendar costs €20 to cover printing and postage.

The calendar will feature:

1. A list of Section 482 properties, numbered. The number for the property is then used to refer to the property for each listed open date. 

2. A calendar, with every property which is open for a visit per date listed on the date.

3. More complete list of the Section 482 properties spread through the calendar, with the information from the Revenue Section 482 list for each property. Accommodation properties will be included, but they will not be listed as open on individual dates in the body of the calendar as I understand that an accommodation property does not have to be open to the public.

4. A selection of photographs of Section 482 properties.

It will look something like this, A5 size (15cm x 20cm) ie. 6 inches x 8 inches, and is approximately 130 pages, full of pictures of section 482 properties which you can visit.

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